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Wire Rope Training School

Training for  the professionals involved in the lifting business.

The lifting business in the industrialised world is more and more under pressure  by the International Authorities responsible for the “safety at work”  with one main aim : to reduce the number of  accidents at work.

It is very true that the lifting industry is a very risky one, all the lifting and handling operations  show some critical aspects and some dangers for the workers involved with them.
So a main question can arise from that: “ How can we guarantee a safe loading operation ?”
There are two strategic elements to be considered : a correct planning of the lifting operations and a good team of skilled and qualified people.
A qualified person should be able to identify all the potential risks hidden in a lifting operation such as checking the main streets, the ground’s conditions, eventual restrictions or obstacles, to determine the load weight, the anchoring points , the area covered by the load and the centre of gravity.

Quite often these skills are not enough and too often they are not existing at all. But in order to be competitive, on which particular items does a company tend to concentrate the savings ? Unfortunately, the answer is on Human Resources and on the devices. They normally try to cut the costs by reducing the number of people needed to safely perform lifting operations, they overstress their machineries by working to the upper limit admitted and even beyond that, they save on purchasing of lifting devices.
This kind of attitude we could define “ make it easy” , as a matter of fact has a clear negative impact on safety and efficiency and above all could cause unexpected accidents and injuries.     
So it is crucial that all the operators involved in lifting and handling have to be qualified and skilled.
Unfortunately the great majority of existing companies do not have as a matter of fact qualified personnel but nevertheless these workers are used to perform very complex and risky lifting operations.

If you renounce to specific professional trainings for the lifting and handling operators it means you are making an expensive mistake: you accept to  perform lifting operations by means of unqualified personnel and devices and as a direct consequence you increase your risk index.
So in order to protect the people’s safety , the company’s good reputation and your customers , it is absolutely necessary to re-consider the market approach founding your own strength on the high level of skills  of all the operators involved , this does not mean   to simplify   but on the contrary to enrich  your own background . 


The aim of our school is to train the personnel involved in the lifting and handling operations in the practical use of the products and devices dedicated to lift in accordance with the existing safety regulations.
In the lifting business it would be better to avoid the “learning by doing” . This can be valid for many context, but sometimes it could cause serious risks.


Worldwide companies are under pressure to reduce the risks and the accidents at work.
In order to accomplish this goal it is not enough to follow the international standards and regulations  . It  always remains open the problem related to the practical applications of the lifting devices . Just to solve this specific problem, the school focuses on  the preliminary study of the project and on the analysis of the customers’ needs, in order to guarantee proper replies to specific situations  that the clients have to face.    

Sirtef  believes to be able to offer  its own experience and knowledge to its customers to help the “Safety Responsible” , the lifting and handling operators, the engineers and the purchasing departments to make their own choices with a better awareness  the products and the solutions more suitable for their needs.