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Steel wire ropes

Both carbon and stainless steel Sirtef can supply its customers with a wide range of steel wire ropes suitable for any kind of machines and industrial plants or installations, also completed with all the necessary accessories eventually requested, i.e. products being ready for an immediate use.

Someone calls it “rope”, some other ones calls it “cable”, most people think it is a simple and banal product, very easy to manufacture, they even think that choosing one rope or another one is quite the same and that any origin of manufacturing can be acceptable and easily found everywhere. On the contrary, indeed, the term “steel wire rope” means a steel product that sometimes can be very complex and elaborate, a mere result of particular engineering studies, a product similar to a “machine” with its number of wires moving together in unison and harmoniously and bending while respecting certain defined and fixed lengthening factors; some other times the same term of “steel wire rope” means a banal product of un-significant value that can be used for binding some material or simply hanging out the laundry at home… Thus, when talking of “steel wire ropes” you talk of a very wide range of steel products made for a wide and unexpected number of different applications.  A steel wire rope is with you when you go skiing and even when you go up by an elevator or a lift in a building, sometimes it covers and reinforces the tyres of your cars and some other times it allows your Dentist to pierce your aching incisors by a drill…

Just because of this intrinsic complexity of the product named “steel wire rope” it is absolutely necessary that all users can avail themselves of the ability, experience and knowledge of companies making professionally one only job: “choosing and supplying the mostly proper steel wire rope in relation to the specific application and use”.  Basically if you are a user, you can avail yourself of SIRTEF know-how, a company that very professionally has been working in the field for more than 33 years with the only view to offer the best steel wire ropes for any particular and different use. And do not forget, QUALITY is the main requirement when you find yourself evaluating a  product.

When treating lifting products quality first should be the only parameter to use for making your choice, quality before commercial evaluation. But a reasonable doubt can come : why have two identical products very often got so big a difference in price? The answer is to be found making a check on the manufacturing cycles and choice of row materials.

SIRTEF can supply steel wire ropes for any kind of machines and systems, its products being produced in roperies of excellent level and using the most modern and updated technological means.

“VEROPE” special steel wire ropes are manufactured at the most modern and technologically evolved factory of the world, this one fully dedicated to the production of  “special steel wire ropes” (HYROPE site).

SIRTEF experience helps in its ability to supplying the most proper replacements for most existing cranes of the market both Italian cranes and foreign ones.

We can supply from our stock a wide range of wire ropes, both carbon steel and stainless steel AISI 316 ropes, even complete with accessories and terminations when these ones are asked to be directly fitted in, in order to be ready to be connected to their own assigned system.

Our three big warehouses altogether, one at our Head Site in Calvignasco and the other two at our Sister Companies in Rome and Udine, can offer a prompt stock able for meeting all various needs, more than 400 Tons of steel wire ropes are there in available, 1 mm up to 83 mm at your complete disposal to satisfy your requests; stainless steel wire rope AISI 316, galvanized or bright and lubricated, even dry steel wire ropes available from stock, as well as round and compacted ones, with tensile strength 1770, 1960 or 2160 N/mm2, steel wire ropes with plastic around the core or with plastic all covering their external surface, a world of steel wire ropes to choose with our Technicians made to improve the performance of your plants.

Find and read our general and always duly updated catalogue on-line where you can find all constructions of steel wire ropes available on the market as well as some useful and detailed technical data or suggestions that can help you in solving possible problems or just as a guide for the daily work of your operators.