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Sirtef: company profile

We have pleasure in introducing ourselves to Your Company. We thank you very much in advance for Your kind attention.

SIRTEF, founded in 1976 by Mr Carlo Martucci, is now directed by Mr Marco Martucci , General Manager and directly and personally involved in our international business relationships. SIRTEF, with its two Sister Companies in Rome and Udine, is very well introduced both in Italy and abroad.

Our core product has always been steel wire rope in its different frames (slings, endless slings and pennants – we can press up to 104 mm), and the complete development of our Company began when Sirtef introduced in addition a really wide range of steel and fibre rope components to the market, sometimes considered as complementary products, some other times as main products replacing the rope itself. We are Partners of Crosby with IP, Pewag and Ropeblock, their official Distributor in Italy, and successfully sell their products also abroad in case of Multi-national business where we are asked to penetrate to.

In 1996 Sirtef got ISO 9002 Certification from the Registro Navale Italiano (RINA) and it is today particularly proud of its 150-ton-capacity test bench qualified by the main international Registers, a bench built with particular devices to make any kind of test like pre-tensioning, proof load and break tests.

SIRTEF has particularly grown up thanks to its special range of wire ropes (VEROPE ropes) and is always more and more improving its know-how, quality and customer assistance both in commercial and in technical terms. Very open and specialized to meet not only the standard market needs, but also the niche-business fields as the Off-Shore Market is, SIRTEF is very well-known and successfully introduced among lots of the main Dealers of the field, at a world-level.

Our mind is always the same: to use the most updated and special instruments, to take profit of the most active specialized and qualified intelligences. Since, our mission is always the same: to be the best in responding and meeting the diverse needs of the companies we serve, always with a keen eye on the international market situation and requests.


Our Philosophy and Mission
Nowadays, wherever you are: you can communicate, you have got so many possibilities to know in a mathematic way your position, site, and send any data and images wherever and whenever you like.
All these ones and many other possibilities are offered us by the technological development,  but we have always to keep in mind that all the available electronic networks have to be supported by some important infrastructures, and that belief can be valid for any industrial goal achieved during the years.

SIRTEF can manufacture what Electronics cannot do so far! It is winning gravity!
In fact if you think about the evolution times of all the available scientific and mechanical systems you can realize that the methods for lifting are more or less the same as in the past, they have not been changed during years, just and only the manufacturing technologies related to them have been changed and during and after the Industrial Era many different technical systems are progressively made, and even in bigger sizes than in the past.

But in its essential nature any lifting technical device does work according to the principle of the fulcrum and lever. Without these applications humanity could not have got any means of carrying, buildings and industries that consequently have together contributed to the great evolution.
The main purpose of a modern industry acting in the lifting and hoisting field must be supplying only safe products, these ones being suitable to do a very old operation, this one being repeated for ages: moving, shifting a cargo (load) from x to y.
That image can seem a very obvious, clear and unmistakable image, but it is not like that indeed!

What we would like to pass on minds is making customers aware of how important it is to guarantee the safety of all workers and operators giving them contextually the possibility to use only evolved systems; in a few words see how important it is to choose the best solution for any kind of use.

SIRTEF is now on a top position in the market thanks to the high quality and brands of the products supplied, and last but not least thanks to a company organization of first level:   the continuous research and development of all products and resources have always been part of Sirtef philosophy, the high level of its leadership able to make any time so many important and interesting investments for the company, these altogether are factors and prerogatives that very easily contribute for gaining the best position in terms of competitiveness in the market.

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